Whitecourt Mobile Pressure Washing Services

Since its founding, Capital Power Clean has been one of the most trusted names in the industry in Calgary. Hire us for your pressure washing, fleet cleaning, heavy-duty equipment cleaning, and more! We are ready to assist you in any way we can.


Capital Power Clean has been operating in the Whitecourt region since 2014. We want to be the first choice when it comes to premium window and pressure washing cleaning services and we achieve this through our dedicated staff and business practices. Our goal is to provide our clients with quality service with our exceptional staff, organized systems, and premium quality equipment. We have built a dedicated group of clients through our simplified systems, reactionary services, and standardized quality which enables them too to focus on their current daily tasks instead of dealing with undependable contractors who don’t provide the type of service that Capital Power Clean does.

Whitecourt Commercial Pressure Washing Services

At Capital Power Clean we offer commercial cleaning for building cleaning, fleet cleaning, and grease bin cleaning services. Our team of highly trained technicians know the correct process to clean and decontaminate a wide variety of surfaces. The trucks in our fleet are equipped with the proper cleaning tools to clean the dirtiest of surfaces. We offer premium quality fleet cleaning services for our clients and our team of technicians know how to tackle the toughest jobs and the correct way to wash and decontaminate all types of fleet vehicle from Bobcats to oversized loads. As the industry leader in grease cleaning our team of highly trained technicians combine the use of organic detergents and proprietary procedures to properly clean collection bins on your property. Our competitors do not have what it takes to compete with us when it comes to removing grease because they do not have the correct cleaning detergents.

Industrial Cleaning Services in Whitecourt

At Capital Power Clean we offer industrial cleaning for heavy duty equipment and culvert thawing. We provide our clients with reliable heavy duty and farm equipment cleaning service. Our team of highly trained technicians wash and decontaminate all types of equipment regardless of the size. Our self-contained steam/hot wash trailers are readily equipped to easily get in and out of any job site and provide enough firepower to get rid of grease and compact dirt.

Window Cleaning Service

At Capital Power Clean we are extremely confident in saying we are Whitecourt’s best and only option for a window cleaning company. Our priority is to deliver a professional window cleaning experience with highly trained employees who are on time and available 24/7 and to provide our clients with environmentally safe products with great quality service and competitive pricing. Our group of window washing equipment enables us to make any cleaning job quick and easy. Our cleaning equipment is provided to us from the best companies in Europe to offer our clients great cleaning results with a small environmental footprint.

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Capital Power Clean

Reliable pressure washing services at competitive prices

Why Choose Capital Power Clean

As the fastest growing window and pressure cleaning company in Whitecourt we make it our mission to become the first choice for premium window and pressure cleaning services. Our vision at Capital Power Clean has always been to offer our clients with something other companies can’t and that is a professional option when looking for a new property maintenance company coupled with our dedication to providing excellent service. Our team of highly trained technicians are given a wide variety of environmentally friendly cleaning products and high-end cleaning equipment which allows them to do their job in a fast and efficient manner.

Contact Capital Power Clean

There is no better time to get your commercial property maintained with the best window & pressure cleaning company in Whitecourt. Unlike our competitors our staff will answer your calls 24/7 and dispatch the closest team of technicians to your location. We have an average response time of 2 hours in the Whitecourt area and will clean your building right the first time.

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