Pressure Washing Services in Red Deer

Since its founding, Capital Power Clean has been one of the most trusted names in the industry in Red Deer. Hire us for your pressure washing, fleet cleaning, heavy-duty equipment cleaning, and more! We are ready to assist you in any way we can.

Pressure Washing Services in Red Deer


Situated between Edmonton and Calgary, Red Deer is home to over 100,000 residents. A thriving city for business, Red Deer’s economy centers around the retail trade, construction, oil and gas, extraction, manufacturing as well as health care services. 

Red Deer benefits from a fairly warm climate from April to October, with temperatures climbing as high as 33°C. In November until March, the coldest nighttime temperature is around -36°C. Therefore, it’s highly likely that residents of Red Deer will benefit from our culvert thawing services in the winter, as well as our high-pressure washing cleaning throughout the rest of the year.   

If you work in one of the many trades Red Deer has to offer including oil and gas, manufacturing or construction, then you may benefit from deep pressure washing cleaning of your premises or vehicles. We also offer warehouse cleaning, as well as sidewalk and building pressure washing, making our services flexible to your requirements. 

As Red Deer’s fastest growing pressure washing service, Capital Power Clean will get your business looking its best, simply by making a phone call to our office to book one of our expert teams. We’re Alberta’s #1 choice for mobile wash services, so whether you require a professional cleaning service or even something more specialized such as culvert thawing or clubroot removal – we’ve got you covered Red Deer. 

Do you own a business in Red Deer? Regardless of what your company does, we have a wide variety of services to keep your business looking its best. Whether you require pressure washing on the exterior of your building, or perhaps your vehicle fleets need a deep clean – our specialized teams will be dispatched to you as soon as possible. 

After all, first impressions count. Here at Capital Power Clean, we completely understand the importance of having a clean working environment, and that’s why we’re ready and waiting to help. We’ll provide your business with high quality, bespoke cleaning service, no matter what your requirements might be, wherever you are located in Red Deer.


We provide Red Deer with the following services:

  • Building Pressure Washing – Red Deer
  • Sidewalk Pressure Washing – Red Deer
  • Heavy Duty Equipment Cleaning – Red Deer
  • Culvert Thawing – Red Deer
  • Fleet Cleaning – Red Deer
  • Clubroot Cleaning & Control – Red Deer
  • Grease Bin Cleaning – Red Deer
  • Clubroot Management and Controls – Red Deer
  • Cross Border Equipment Cleaning Services – Red Deer
  • Pre-Auction Equipment Detailing Services – Red Deer

Heavy Duty Equipment Cleaning

There are areas of all businesses which require a deep, pressurized clean from time to time, for example, kitchen areas that are prone to stubborn grease and dirt build-up. Not only will a deep clean make the area nicer to work in for your employees, but it will also ensure you comply with the law, helping to avoid any environmental health issues. 

However, heavy-duty cleaning may also extend to trucks and vehicles, especially if they are coated in mud and dirt. You may have bulldozers that have been used on a muddy construction site. This level of dirt is impossible to clean manually. However, Capital Power Clean’s high-pressure washing systems will make light work of this. 

Heavy-duty cleaning of your equipment not only makes your business look professional, but it also helps ensure that costly maintenance bills are reduced, as well as helping you to maintain constant bookings.


What does heavy-duty equipment cleaning involve?

Once you’ve given our team a call on (780) 907 5020, we’ll dispatch one of our specialist teams carrying our state of the art technology to you. We use professional-grade high-pressure jets to dissolve dirt and grease with ease, leaving your premises or vehicles looking brand new. Whether you work in construction, retail, the oil and gas sector or any other industry in Red Deer, you can count on Capital Power Clean to get the job done safely and effectively. 

How often should I get heavy-duty cleaning of my equipment done?

This depends on the industry you are working in. For example, our clients in the construction industry require regular deep cleaning of their equipment, especially their vehicle fleets to prevent breakdowns as well as maintain a professional image to their clients.In most instances, companies will need to comply with local health and safety regulations, meaning regular deep cleaning of their equipment is essential. We’d be more than happy to advise on what would best suit your business using our combined 65 years of expertise in this area. 

Do you offer any other heavy-duty cleaning services?

Absolutely! We offer high-pressure washing for your buildings, sidewalks, vehicles, grease bins, and so much more. We know the demands of our Red Deer customers are varied, and we’re prepared for the challenge. If you are unsure of what Capital Power Clean services could benefit your business, we’d be more than happy to advise you. After all, first impressions count when presenting your company to clients, suppliers and investors.

How do I hire a professional cleaning service for my business in Red Deer?

Red Deer is a bustling city that is home to a number of key industries. With any business, it’s important to keep on top of your regular and deep cleaning tasks. The benefits of hiring professional cleaning services or indeed clubroot removal through Capital Power Clean are endless. Another great piece of news is that organizing professional deep cleaning of your business premises, vehicles or exterior areas is completely straightforward. 

Benefit from our 65 years of combined experience that we will provide to your business in Red Deer, meaning no matter the complexity of the task – we’ve got you covered! Our high powered pressure washing jets make light work of grease, dirt or even graffiti that is spoiling the impression of your business. Likewise, we can also offer culvert thawing in the winter, getting your water flowing again, helping to remove blockages and prevent flooding. Give us a call 24-7 on (780) 907 5020 24-7 to arrange a prompt dispatch of one of our teams to your business, wherever you’re located in Red Deer. 

Why should I choose Capital Power Clean?

You wouldn’t settle for second best with any other areas of your business, so why should your deep cleaning be any different? After all, there are huge benefits to undertaking regular deep cleaning of your premises, vehicles, sidewalks, grease bins and other property relating to your business. It not only helps present a professional image, but it also helps you comply with local government requirements too. 

If your business is in Red Deer, then look no further than Alberta’s #1 choice for mobile wash services – Capital Power Clean. We bring years of experience to each and every job we complete for customers, offering a safe, efficient and thorough clean each and every time you call us out. If cleaning is what you need, trust in Capital Power Clean. 

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