Pressure Washing Services in Camrose

Since its founding, Capital Power Clean has been one of the most trusted names in the industry in Camrose. Hire us for your pressure washing, fleet cleaning, heavy-duty equipment cleaning, and more! We are ready to assist you in any way we can.

Pressure Washing Services in Camrose


Camrose has a population of around 19,000 and is located 90km from Edmonton. It is one of the few areas of Alberta which does not rely primarily on the oil and gas sectors to fuel the local economy. Instead, there is a focus on agriculture as well as manufacturing. There is also ample opportunity for entrepreneurs to create their start-ups in Camrose, making the city an ideal place to start a business or find work.

With so many sectors and opportunities in Camrose, there are lots of ways in which Capital Power Clean could benefit your business. Perhaps your sidewalk or building requires some pressure washing or your company vehicles require a clean in order to look great in front of your customers. You may also require some heavy-duty equipment cleaning.

If you work in the agricultural sector in Camrose, one of our top services we can provide is clubroot cleaning and control. If clubroot is not removed effectively, it can have a devastating impact on the local economy. 

As Camrose’s fastest-growing pressure washing service, Capital Power Clean has all your needs covered. We’re Alberta’s #1 choice for mobile wash services, so whether you require professional cleaning for your business, or agricultural services to protect your crops from clubroot – we’ve got you covered, Camrose. 

Do you own a business in Camrose? No matter what industry your business is in from agriculture to retail, hospitality to manufacturing, we have a wide variety of services to keep your business looking at its best. 

After all, first impressions count. Whether you need to clean up the front of your business premises, or need your warehouse to be spotless, Here at Capital Power Clean, we’re ready and waiting to help. We’ll provide your business with high quality cleaning services, no matter what your requirements might be, wherever you are located in Camrose.


We provide Camrose with the following services:

  • Building Pressure Washing – Camrose
  • Sidewalk Pressure Washing – Camrose
  • Heavy Duty Equipment Cleaning – Camrose
  • Culvert Thawing – Camrose
  • Fleet Cleaning – Camrose
  • Clubroot Cleaning & Control – Camrose
  • Grease Bin Cleaning – Camrose
  • Clubroot Management and Controls – Camrose
  • Cross Border Equipment Cleaning Services – Camrose
  • Pre-Auction Equipment Detailing Services – Camrose

Clubroot Management and Controls

Clubroot is a disease found in soil which can devastate plants and crops. Once in the soil, it can remain there for up to 20 years, meaning it can be a very difficult problem to tackle. 

A recent survey by Canola Council found that Camrose has extremely high levels of Clubroot, with up to 50 fields infested. Nearby areas of Lacombe, Wetaskiwin, Leduc, Parkland, Edmonton, Strathcona and Lamont also had high levels. Given the devastation this can cause to the local economy, it’s important to get clubroot under control.

In 2015, Capital Power Clean began the battle against clubroot. Due to strict access conditions imposed by provincial regulators and landowners, we identified that an industry leader was required to set standards and provide reliable services to companies who worked alongside regulatory bodies. Capital Power Clean provides our customers with an all-encompassing solution to fight clubroot, in addition to decontamination control services.


What is clubroot?

Clubroot is a disease of the soil which leads to swollen and distorted roots as well as stunted growth of plants. It is a fungal infection that can affect a variety of plants, including vegetation. Not only does clubroot affect the way a plant grows, but it can also kill it. 

Clubroot tends to appear whenever the soil is warm and moist, meaning when the weather in Camrose gets warmer over the summer, this when it’s likely to take hold. 

Will clubroot go away on its own?

Unfortunately not, in fact, given the data, we know about how fast clubroot is spreading around the Camrose area, quite the opposite. All that’s required is the right conditions and clubroot will continue to spread. For local farmers and gardeners, this can devastate crops which can also harm the local economy. 

Therefore, professional removal of clubroot is required, and this is one of the many services we provide at Capital Power Clean. 

What are the benefits of professional clubroot removal? 

We have trained technicians with specialist equipment who can deal with your clubroot infestation effectively. Given its increasing spread over the Camrose area in recent years, it’s important to prevent the situation from getting worse. 

If you notice clubroot in your fields, or if your business depends on healthy crops, then professional clubroot removal from Capital Power Clean is highly recommended. 

How do I hire a professional cleaning service for my business in Camrose?

Camrose is a bustling city that is home to a thriving economy. With any business, it’s important to keep on top of your regular and deep cleaning tasks. The benefits of hiring professional cleaning services or indeed clubroot removal through Capital Power Clean are endless. 

Experience the professionalism and expert services our technicians can provide to your business in Camrose. Our high powered pressure washing jets make light work of grease, dirt or even graffiti that is spoiling the impression of your business. Likewise, we can also offer culvert thawing in the winter, getting your water flowing again. Give us a call on (780) 907 5020 24-7, and we’ll dispatch one of our teams to you in Camrose as soon as possible. 

Why should I choose Capital Power Clean?

If you require professional cleaning services in Camrose, then look no further than Alberta’s #1 choice for mobile wash services – Capital Power Clean. We use state of the art cleaning technology to give you powerful results. Whether you need your sidewalk or building cleaning, or perhaps one of the many other services we provide, here at Capital Power Clean, we only provide the very best service for our customers. 

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