Pressure Washing Services in Calgary

Since its founding, Capital Power Clean has been one of the most trusted names in the industry in Calgary. Hire us for your pressure washing, fleet cleaning, heavy-duty equipment cleaning, and more! We are ready to assist you in any way we can.

Commercial Pressure Washing Services in Calgary


Calgary is Alberta’s largest city with a population of over 1,200,000. The city is home to Calgary International Airport and is about 80km east of the Canadian Rockies. 

The city has an extremely diverse economy, benefiting from a multitude of thriving industries including financial services, energy, transportation, manufacturing, technology, retail, tourism, film and television, health and wellness among many others. 

Here at Capital Power Clean, we understand the needs of Calgary are as diverse as the many businesses which operate in the city. Whether your business requires building, sidewalk or equipment cleaning – you can trust in us to get the job done professionally and efficiently, wherever your business is located in Calgary. 

Are you thinking of doing business in the USA? We also offer cross-border cleaning services to ensure you don’t get held up at customs. Without our professional deep cleaning services, your vehicles will be just as ready to do business in the states as we are. 

Wherever your business is located in Calgary and whatever cleaning services you require, you can trust in Capital Power Clean to get the job done right. 

At Capital Power Clean, we provide a wide variety of solutions to tackle all your cleaning needs to suit all areas of city life. For example, we offer pressure washing of your sidewalks, buildings and vehicle fleet, in addition to graffiti removal or any other deep cleaning tasks. In the wintertime, we can provide expert culvert thawing, restoring water flow to your drainage systems and preventing flooding from occurring. 

We know your business never sleeps, and neither do we. That’s why we offer a 24-7 phone service. No matter what the job is, wherever in Calgary it might be – you can count on us to promptly dispatch one of our expert teams to your location as soon as possible to resolve it. 

After all, whether you are looking to impress customers, suppliers or investors – first impressions count. Here at Capital Power Clean, we completely understand the importance of having a clean, safe working environment. Wherever your business is located in Calgary, rest assured that with our combined 65 years of experience, technician led teams and industry-grade equipment, with Capital Power Clean – your business is in safe hands. 


We provide Calgary with the following services:

  • Building Pressure Washing – Calgary
  • Sidewalk Pressure Washing – Calgary
  • Heavy Duty Equipment Cleaning – Calgary
  • Culvert Thawing – Calgary
  • Fleet Cleaning – Calgary
  • Clubroot Cleaning & Control – Calgary
  • Grease Bin Cleaning – Calgary
  • Clubroot Management and Controls – Calgary
  • Cross Border Equipment Cleaning Services – Calgary
  • Pre-Auction Equipment Detailing Services – Calgary

Fleet Cleaning Pressure Washing

Part of our commercial pressure washing services in Calgary includes fleet cleaning services. Company vehicles are a great form of advertising and can be seen by thousands of motorists each day. Having dirty fleet vehicles can cover your company logo and contact information missing potential new leads. Using our spray applicators, we provide cutting edge premium aluminum revitalization services. Our process to pressure wash your equipment causes no etching and removes corrosion without causing surface whitening or discoloration. We use organic cleaning products that perform better than cleaning products with chemicals and clean in a fraction of the time while providing a long-lasting shine. Our detergents will remove all the road debris, bugs, tar, and line paint from your fleet will not damage any decals or paint features on your fleet vehicles.

Building Pressure Washing

We understand the proper process to pressure wash and decontaminate all types of surfaces. Our trucks are equipped with the tools to clean, strip, and make any surface look new. We can work on all types of sites and have self-contained/hot wash trailers that provide enough firepower to work at all heights. The exterior of your buildings and equipment can be covered in dirt, grime, discolouration, and graffiti plus with the cold winter months your building may need a good clean. Our building pressure washing services will rid your walls, brickwork, and signage of any dirt buildup including sand and mould which occur naturally. Our trained experts tackle the toughest jobs and use the correct approach to make sure your site is clean from top to bottom. We are Calgary’s fastest-growing window and pressure washing company and our goal is to be Calgary’s first choice for the best pressure washing services.

Sidewalk Pressure Washing

We are outfitted with the best tools in sidewalk pressure washing. Sidewalks are used every day and get walked on a lot causing dirt to build up over time. With our winter weather sand, gravel, and mud can be leftover on the sidewalk as people use them every day which causes the sidewalk to look dirty. Capital Power Clean is on a mission to revitalize your sidewalk and we guarantee to get rid of all the left-over sand, salt, and other debris on your sidewalk. With our equipment, you will not have to worry about “zebra stripes” when we pressure wash your sidewalks. With our “Partners in Clean” program, we can create a custom cleaning program that’s built around your needs.

Featured Service – Grease Bin Cleaning

Does your business have external bins? If so, the chances are they require a professional deep clean. Not only can bins create foul odours due to being a magnet for bacteria, but they can also attract a whole host of rodents and pests. 

In a busy city like Calgary, there are over 5,000 restaurants alone – all of whom rely on outdoor bins to store their waste. Other industries such as hotels, retail and manufacturing will also have outdoor trash systems. Therefore, they are many businesses right across Calgary who would benefit from a professional deep clean of their bins.

The process is straightforward yet very effective, as we use high pressured jets and detergent to rid your bins of smells, dirt, and debris which not only cause a stink but pose a threat to environmental health. If your bins are in poor condition, they could violate local laws also, meaning it’s a very important service you should consider. 


Can’t I just clean my bins myself?

Sure, but without high pressured jets controlled by our expert teams, it’s unlikely you will achieve the same professional results. The importance of having clean bins can not be underestimated, and unless all of the dirt and bacteria are truly stripped away from the surface, you are likely to attract pests, bugs and rodents. It could also be in breach of environmental health. Therefore, trust in us here at Capital Power Clean to deliver you an expertly cleaned bin, wherever your business is located in Calgary. 

What other cleaning services do you provide in Calgary?

Here at Capital Power Clean, we stand ready and waiting to dispatch a team to your location. In addition to grease bin cleaning, we offer the following services to our valued customers in Calgary: Building pressure washing, sidewalk pressure washing, heavy-duty equipment cleaning, fleet cleaning, warehouse cleaning, cross border equipment cleaning, pre-action equipment detailing, clubroot management and culvert thawing

How do I hire a professional cleaning service for my business in Calgary?

Whatever your cleaning requirements in Calgary are, here at Capital Power Clean we’re ready and waiting. Whether you require a deep clean of your vehicles, sidewalks, buildings, warehouses, interiors, grease bins or anything else – just give us a call, and we’ll dispatch one of our expert teams to your location as soon as possible. 

You may also want to take advantage of some of our other professional services for your outdoor areas, including culvert thawing or clubroot removal. We can combine the services you need to suit your business. Wherever your business is located in Calgary, Give us a call 24-7 on (780) 907 5020 24-7, and we’ll be happy to help.

Why should I choose Capital Power Clean?

Here at Capital Power Clean, we’re proud to be Alberta’s #1 choice for mobile pressure washing services. We offer a varied range of services to suit all that Calgary life has to throw at your business. From dirty vehicles and sidewalks to frozen culverts in the winter, your business never stops and neither do we. To get your buildings and vehicles looking their best, trust Capital Power Clean. 


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