Capital Power Clean Inc. not only provides Edmonton’s best window and pressure cleaning. We offer a wide range of mobile water services and water hauling for whatever requirements you may have. Our professional teams, quality products, and simple service standards guarantee that you get water where you want it, when you want it. Our crews are on time, every time and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your convenience.

edmonton water hauling tankOur industry leading pressure equipment allows us to provide complete water haul services while decreasing the amount of time on site and final customer costs. Capital Power Cleans truck and trailer mounted water tank systems can reach any job site and allow us to service areas which may be inaccessible to larger tandem or triple axel water trucks.

Why Capital Power Clean water hauling?

Choose Capital Power Clean for your next annual, monthly, or weekly watering requirements. Because our custom-built trailers and trucks reduce costs to haul and increase our turnaround times for haul services, we pass those savings onto you. Our water haul systems enable Capital Power Clean to reach some areas which may be inaccessible to larger, heavy, tandem or triple axle trucks. Our smaller 1 – 6-ton truck/trailer setups reduce the environmental footprint and limit the possibility of property damage related issues common with bulky haul trucks.

 The Options:

Capital Power Clean Inc. provides multiple water haul options to our valued clients. Our fleet includes the following:


  • ½ Ton service trucks with tank mounted water haulers
  • 1 Ton service trucks with tank mounted water haulers
  • 6 Ton service trucks with tank mounted water haulers


  • HD single axle water haul trailers (open/enclosed)
  • HD tandem axle water haul trailers (open)

All our truck and trailer systems can be combined to increase water supply capacity. Unlike many larger haul trucks which may be 50,000+ pounds and too big to enter small or weight controlled sites, our trucks and trailers are all under 28,000 pounds when loaded.

On-site Safety:

While on-site Capital Power Clean Inc. implements full 360* beacon systems, high visibility clothing, and traffic control vehicles (when required). Our services comply with SECOR safety requirements and ensure that public safety is a top priority. Field level hazard assessments are completed on all sites before work begins, this ensures that no work is started until the proper hazard controls are in place. Our team includes individuals who possess the appropriate tickets for safe supervision and direction of public foot and vehicular traffic, in combination with fleet traffic safety vehicles (directional and strobe beacons).


How much do your water haul services cost?

Our water haul services are charged out at $75/hr. This includes all water fill, transport, and disposal costs.

Can you provide sprinkler and planter watering?

Yes, that’s what we haul these big tanks around for. Our onboard pumps spit out 4 – 50 GPM.

Can you water during the night, or moonlight hours?

You’ve got it, our technicians work day or night, seven days a week. *Residential constraint, due to bylaws we are not able to provide residential water services after 9 PM.

 Capital Power Clean Inc. is the chosen service company for many of Alberta’s REIT’s, property management companies, investment corporations and we want to work with you. Request a quote today (LINK). Our teams are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Capital understands that as a PM, IM, or business owner you usually do not have the luxury of booking services months in advance. For those times when you need services NOW, not tomorrow, our water haul trucks/trailers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. (Average response time within 100 km of Edmonton (2 hours).