Parkade cleaning can be inconvenient and cause issues when completed improperly. However, Capital Power Clean Inc. is there to help you clean your building from the ground up. We are Edmonton’s best full service, parkade cleaning provider. Our teams are devoted to premium level standards and provide professional results, quality products, and simple service at each site. Capitals crews are on time, every time and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your convenience. Capital’s parkade cleaning equipment is cutting-edge, environmentally friendly and durable allowing us to access areas which may be tricky to clean.

parkade cleaning edmonton before

Some dirty curbs and walls in an underground parade. This build up was caused by six months of high traffic movement.

edmonton parkade cleaning after

After our technicians came on site, this parkade was left looking spotless.

Our industry leading pressure equipment allows us to decrease the amount of time on site, while reducing final costs to the customer. Capital Power Clean’s truck and trailer mounted systems can reach any job site and allow us to service parkades which may be inaccessible to sweeper/scrubber setups. With years of experience in the pressure cleaning industry, our technicians know the proper techniques to clean membrane, flush, and pressed parkades.

Why Capital Power Clean Parkade Cleaning?

Capital Power Clean Inc. is Edmonton’s best parkade cleaning company. Our pressure-trained technicians can revitalize your property using cutting edge, professional cleaning equipment. Our industrial grade systems allow us to clean using high/low pressure and high gallons per minute, a service possibility that other companies cannot offer. Most companies use sweeper scrubbers to collect dirt and gravel build up and leave HVAC units, pipes and hanging apparatuses dirty. Our ability to clean all pipes, detectors and HVAC ducts is what separates Capital Power Clean from our competition. These complete 360* wash services prevent costly maintenance repairs and detector replacement costs.

The Capital difference:

  • Trained teams
  • 50 – 2200 Gallon mobile water services
  • Industry-leading safety standards
  • Industrial grade equipment
  • High and low accessible systems
  • Detergent integration and application equipment

The Options:

Capital Power Clean Inc. provides industry leading pressure options for our valued clients. Our fleet includes the following:


  • ½ Ton service trucks with tank mounted wash systems
  • 1 Ton service trucks with tank mounted wash systems
  • 6 Ton service trucks with tank mounted wash systems


  • HD single axle wash trailers (open/enclosed)
  • HD tandem axle wash trailers (open)

However, for those times that you need low footprint services, we offer portable, low impact wash systems.

The process:

Ground Work Washing:

Our technicians are trained in cutting edge cleaning methods. At Capital Power Clean, our teams do not cut corners; they clean them. Our services are completed using a systematic site map approach, which guarantees that no stall is overlooked. Before we deem the project successful, your site will undergo a pre-and post site inspection giving our clients the piece of mind that our teams are looking out for their best interests.

Pipe and Detector Washing:

From top to bottom all your pipes, detectors and HVAC duct work will be cleaned. For those parking lots which are extremely dirty, we can implement our SOFTWASH services which use aspirated detergents to exfoliate all dirt and grime from porous surfaces. SOFTWASHING ensures that no damage or false triggers affect the operation of your detectors – keeping the safety of your tenants as a top priority.


My property is membraned, can you still pressure wash this?

Yes, Capital Power Clean uses low-impact surface scrubbers in combination with high gpm wash lines to flush out all dirt, salt, and grime. This equipment poses less of a risk to your membranes than traditional surface scrubbers and machine washers.

I have CO2 detectors in my parkade, how do you use gas washers indoors?

We do not, unless otherwise specified we provide electric pressure washers for all interior wash services.

 Will your services set our fire, CO2, or gas line detectors off?

“It was not us!” – Capital Power Clean services will not set off the detectors in your building. However, sometimes our technicians will cause a false alarm due to increased vehicular traffic and movement, but don’t worry our crews are trained in alarm analysis and shutoff.

No Water? No Problem. Capital offers mobile water hauling services, our in house 50 – 2200 gallon service tankers are at your disposal.

Capital Power Clean Inc. is the chosen service company for many of Alberta’s REIT’s, property management companies, investment corporations and we want to work with you. Request a quote today (LINK). Our teams are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Capital understands that as a PM, IM, or business owner you usually do not have the luxury of booking services months in advance. For those times when you need services NOW, not tomorrow, our parkade cleaning technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. (Average response time within 100 kms of Edmonton (2 hours).