Capital Power Clean offers premium house washing services and is Alberta’s ONLY SOFTWASH™ certified company. We can clean vinyl, wood, stucco, and brick siding using our eco-friendly detergents and aspirator systems. Unlike our competitors who just use direct pressure and harmful high PSI systems, our low-pressure detergent based programs will revitalize your home with no possibility of property damage.

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What Home Washing Services does Capital offer?

  1. Pressure washing
  2. Waterfed pole washing
  3. Detergent spray washing
  4. Soft Washing (aspirated detergent based)

Why do you need Capital Power Clean’s house washing services?

 Proper house washing removes mold, mildew, and stuck on dirt deposits. When mold and mildew are left on your siding, it can spread to insulation and cause adverse health issues for you and your loved ones. During Alberta’s harsh winters salt from roads can cause irreversible damage to vinyl siding causing discoloration and gradual texture changes. Attempting to clean your property yourself can cause texture and coloration damage if the wrong techniques or pressure levels are used. Clean siding makes a statement to your neighbors “we take pride in our home and community image.” Not to mention when you go to sell your home, having a clean image can help seal the deal… ask any realtor.


How much does a SOFTWASH™ service cost in comparison to traditional pressure washing?

SOFTWASHING is approximately 20% more than traditional pressure washing services. However, the results that come out of SOFTWASH™ services are not comparable to direct pressure options. Direct pressure cleans, soft washing revitalizes.

Why should I SOFTWASH™ instead of pressure wash?

We recommend soft washing because it uses high power, environmentally friendly detergents which pull the dirt and debris down with the foam. This is a lot safer than shooting high pressure at delicate siding; this method often results in water behind your siding and possible mold formation.

I have flowers around my house, will these detergents damage them?

All our detergents are eco-friendly. However, to ensure that your plants aren’t coughing on foam we use a low-pressure rinse to clean any remaining detergent residue off.

 No Water? No Problem. Capital offers mobile water hauling services, our in-house 50 – 2200 gallon service tankers are at your disposal.  

Capital Power Clean Inc. is the chosen service company for Alberta’s biggest REIT’s, property management companies, and investment corporations. Why does this matter to the homeowner? Because our teams are available for our commercial clients 24/7, 365 days a year. As a homeowner, if you are in a bind and need services NOW, not tomorrow our SOFTWASH™ technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. (Average response time within 100 km of Edmonton (2 hours).