Capital Power Clean Inc. provides Edmontonians with cutting-edge cleaning services. Our professional crews are devoted to quality service standards on each and every site. Our focus is dedicated to providing professional teams, quality products, and simple service. We provide crews who are on time, every time and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your convenience. Capital’s eavestrough cleaning equipment is cutting-edge, environmentally friendly and durable. Our state of the art systems provide safer options for what was traditionally considered dangerous maintenance work.

eavestrough cleaning edmonton roof

When one of our values clients called us and said “my units are flooding, I cannot figure out what’s going on” – CPC had a suspicion of what was going on, look at what our crew found!

edmonton eavestrough cleaning complex

We are Alberta’s only certified SOFTWASH company – here is one of our multifamily complexes getting a full service eavestrough cleaning.

Our advanced vacuum and propulsion equipment allows us to decrease the amount of time on site while reducing final costs to the customer. Capital Power Clean offers complete suction and blowout services which cut down on the cost to clean eavestroughs, these systems also increase technician safety. Unlike other companies who use traditional hand pull or wash out methods, Capitals revolutionary power vacs are changing the industry and making a once-dangerous task, safe.

Capital Power Clean Inc. offers professional eavestrough cleaning and track cleaning services for your property. Capital’s technicians can clean the inside, outside and downspouts of all your drainage systems while ensuring that operator safety is a top priority.

What does Capital Power Clean do to ensure the safety of all personnel on site?

Our technicians provide Edmonton’s safest eavestrough cleaning services, using complete lock off and fall protection equipment where applicable. Capital Power Clean technicians complete field level hazard assessments and safety equipment checks at the start of every job. Safety is our top priority and we will never operate in an unsafe manner or during extreme weather conditions.


  • Compact blower and suction vac systems
  • Low pressure, high GPM flush systems
  • Directional downspout clearing tubes and extraction equipment
  • Ground access suction and blower poles

What you can expect:

  • Pre and post service site inspections
  • Site-specific safety protocol and programs
  • Ground to sky lock off and fall arrest systems
  • Site supervisors on all projects
  • Rescue and extraction plans for all employees on site
  • Quick, and safe, 360* cleaning

Capitals Clients:

  • Residential Home Owners
  • Property Managers
  • Investment Managers
  • Multi-Family Developments
  • Business Owners
  • Rental Management Companies
  • Citys, Towns, and Hamlets


Can your crews clean my downspouts at the same time?

Yes! Capital Power Clean technicians will provide a free downspout inspection during all cleaning services.

What do you do for roof safety?

All eavestrough cleaning services are completed using roof anchors where available, safety harnesses, and fall protection lanyards. At a minimum, there will be two technicians on site who are both trained in fall arrest rescue and first aid treatment.

If you blow out our gutters, do you pick up the debris from the ground?

You got it! All blow out services include debris pick up and removal. Blowouts are the best way to ensure that all waste is removed and downspouts do not clog.

How many times a year should we get our eavestroughs cleaned?

CPC recommends that all eavestroughs be cleaned at a minimum, once per year. This ensures that blockages do not cause foundation damage or track system failure.

Capital Power Clean Inc. is the chosen service company for many of Alberta’s REIT’s, property management companies, investment corporations and we want to work with you. Request a quote today (LINK). Our teams are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Capital understands that as a PM, IM, or business owner you usually do not have the luxury of booking services months in advance. For those times when you need services NOW, not tomorrow, our eavestrough cleaning technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. (Average response time within 100 km of Edmonton (2 hours).