Heavy Duty Equipment Cleaning – Edmonton

Capital Power Clean is Edmonton’s best option for professional pressure and window cleaning services, with our trusted name and professional technicians we have proudly serviced thousands of clients in the province of Alberta. Capital Power Clean provides reliable heavy duty and farm equipment cleaning services in Alberta. All Capital technicians understand the correct processes to wash and decontaminate all forms of equipment, big and small.

Heavy Duty Equipment Cleaning – Edmonton
Cleaning technicians available 24/7
Edmonton & Area
Capital Power Clean

Reliable cleaning services at competitive prices

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heavy duty equipment cleaning edmonton - volvo strongcoAll CPC units carry the required tools to revitalize your equipment back to “like new” standards. Our self-contained steam/hot wash trailers easily get in and out of all sites while providing enough firepower to dissolve grease and compact dirt. Placing a call into Capital will connect you with a call intake professional, providing you with booking and dispatch services.

Unlike common owner/operator operations, a Capital employee will answer your call 24 hours a day 7 days a week and dispatch the closest available crew to your location. With our average response time in the Edmonton area of 2 hours, we will clean your equipment the right way the first time.

Capital Power Clean is your one-stop shop for all HD, and transport equipment cleaning services. Our detergent applicator systems combined with hot, high-pressure water, ensure that your big-ticket items are maintained around the clock. Capital Power Clean crews can come day or night, seven days a week to ensure that your equipment is ready to go for your operators. Proper cleaning maintenance decreases equipment breakdowns and prevents costly repair bills.

Maintain a clean company image today – Call Capital Power Clean – 780-907-5020

The Process

  1. Intake Call
    • Here a Capital dispatcher will ask you a few questions about your location, contact information and method of payment
  2. Service Ticket
    • A service ticket will be created using your email. This will keep you up to date with the crew’s progress to the site and any changes to your service call will be made through our calendar system
  3. Truck Dispatch
    • Once a profile has been created a truck will be dispatched to your location to clean your equipment
    • Average response time is <2 Hrs
  4. Site Set-up / Safety Procedures
    • Once a Capital truck arrives here is what you can expect:
      • Capital technicians wearing hi-visibility protective equipment and standard PPE
      • Activation of safety beacons and traffic control devices if required
  5. Equipment Cleaning Process 
    • A CPC technician will begin by applying an aspirated detergent to the exterior of the equipment to loosen up the stuck on grime etc.
    • Once the detergent has been given time to activate, a direct pressure clean will begin – this means hot/cold high-pressure water will be used to blast away all stuck-on dirt and grime particles
    • A final detergent application and spot-free rinse will occur this will make sure that your equipment is left spotless and ready for storage or the next site
  6. Site Shutdown
    • Once the cleaning is completed our technicians will either process payment onsite or stamp the service ticket closed for our office to then bill to the appropriate corporate account
    • Removal of all safety and traffic control devices

Decontamination (DECAM) Cleaning – Edmonton

Operating on a site that requires decontamination cleaning? Capital Power Clean can setup mobile border services that comply with provincial regulations. We understand the importance of ensuring your vehicles are cleaned top to bottom, preventing costly fines or reprimand shutdowns.

Frequently Asked Questions

edmonton heavy duty equipment cleaning - vehicle

Do you collect waste water?

Yes – and no. If the contaminants on your equipment are deemed a risk to the environment, then a capture tarp will be placed under the equipment with a suction vac. However, if it is just common dirt and grime our 100% organic detergents will be applied without the requirements of a capture mat.

What type of cleaning detergents or “acids” do you use?

100% organic – Capital uses only premium detergents. This ensures that your equipment is cleaned, and the products used pose no risk to your property or equipment.

How many pieces of equipment can you clean?

Size-dependent – Our crews can clean on average 15-20 units before needing to refill with water.

Choose CPC for your next heavy duty equipment cleaning job. You will experience a level of professionalism what ensures that your experience is enjoyable. We understand that dirty equipment can cause costly damages and stressful delays, that’s why our service is designed to be stress-free from start to finish. Let Capital clean your equipment this construction and harvest season.

Heavy Duty Equipment Cleaning – Edmonton
Cleaning technicians available 24/7
Edmonton & Area
Capital Power Clean

Reliable cleaning services at competitive prices

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