Safety Notice:

Due to recent injuries to members of the public, the importance of proper grease collection bin cleaning has become ever more critical. As you are a valued member of the property management industry in Alberta, Capital Power Clean Inc. is issuing notices to all companies whom we have contacted in the past two years regarding these services. Please take the time to review our grease cleaning services and contact us if you have any questions or are interested in property quotes.

Does This Look Familiar?

Another dirty grease collection bin.


BEFORE: A grease collection room in downtown Edmonton.


AFTER: The Capital difference… The picture speaks for itself. Our crews returned this once hazardous room into a safe, friendly tenant environment.

Countless property managers contact CPC every year requesting that we help them battle issues with spilled grease around their collection bins.  

Safety Issue:

Spilt grease is harmless, right? Spilt oil can be as slippery as ice and quickly cause public safety issues for bikes, pedestrians, and general vehicular traffic.  


Why should this concern you as a property manager?

In the event that a pedestrian, cyclist, or vehicle accident occurs in areas surrounding grease disposal bins, liability could be placed on the property management company. In recent situations involving faulty grease collection, management companies have been on the hook for thousands of dollars worth of public injury damage.

Why is Capital telling you this?

As an established member of the property maintenance industry, it is our responsibility to notify our current and potential clients of such preventable liability issues.

How Can Capital Help?

Capital Power Clean Inc. is Alberta’s ONLY specialty grease cleaning company. Our proprietary detergents and process eliminate grease buildup from collection areas and can revitalize all surfaces from concrete to tile.


Is there an environmental impact to your services?

Capitals specialty blend of organic detergents performs all cleaning services at no cost to local environments. Also, our reclamation traps can be mobilized to ensure that detergents do not travel into regional water basins (Mandatory in Sherwood Park.)

How often do I need to clean my collection areas?

We recommend that all collection areas be cleaned on a quarterly, or even better, monthly basis. Unfortunately, we cannot stop your tenants from spilling oil while transferring, however, our scheduled services will provide you with the proper arsenal to limit the possibility of bodily or property damage to those who visit the locations in your portfolio.