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Capital Power Clean’s truck and trailer mounted pressure washing systems can reach any job site and allow us to service developments which may be inaccessible to larger tandem or triple axle trucks. We are confident when we say that we provide the best pressure washing services in Edmonton.

On-Site Safety:

While on-site Capital Power Clean implements full 360* beacon systems, high visibility clothing, and traffic control vehicles (when required). Our services comply with SECOR safety requirements and ensure that public safety is a top priority. Field level hazard assessments are completed on all sites before work begins, this ensures that no work is started until the proper hazard controls are in place. Our pressure washing teams include individuals who possess the appropriate tickets for safe supervision and direction of public foot and vehicular traffic, in combination with fleet traffic safety vehicles (directional and strobe beacons).

System Options:

Capital Power Clean Inc. provides industry leading pressure options for our valued clients. Our fleet includes the following:

Truck Mounted Pressure Washing:

Trailer Mounted Pressure Washing:

All our trailer and truck mounted pressure washing systems can be combined to increase cleaning capacity and water supply. Unlike many other larger HVAC or steam trucks which may be 30,000+ pounds and too big to enter small or weight-controlled sites, our trucks and trailers are all under 28,000 pounds when loaded.

Our pressure washing services help…

Frequently Asked Questions

Pressure Washing – Alberta Wide:
Do you provide pressure washing services throughout the province of Alberta?

Yes, Capital Power Clean will travel anywhere in of Alberta to service your pressure cleaning needs.

How long can your steam/pressure trucks last on-site?

8-10 Hours. Unlike other mobile pressure wash trucks who may be limited to 5-6 hours of gun time. We can service your requirements from sunrise to sunset.

Are your pressure washing services environmentally friendly?

Yes, we are 100% organic. Our services use cutting-edge organic detergents and surfactants to perform all cleaning services. These surfactants are easier on the environment and easier on your equipment. Unlike most pressure washing trucks, we do not use harmful acids or sprays.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We can accept Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discovery, and Bitcoin.

Building Pressure Washing – Edmonton & Area

Our teams do not cut corners; they clean them. Bring your properties back to life with a professional pressure wash service.

Sidewalk Pressure Washing – Edmonton & Area

Revitalize your sidewalk surfaces by removing gum reside and all sand, gravel, and mud from Alberta’s harsh climate.

Heavy Duty Equipment Cleaning - Edmonton & Area

Maintain a clean company image and abide by provincial regulations by ensuring that your equipment is properly cleaned. Reduce costly maintenance bills and keep a consistent company image with regular bookings.

Culvert Thawing – Edmonton & Area

Capital technicians use high-pressure steam and hot-water activated nozzles to penetrate the ice and bore holes through the blockages. Our services return your culverts to the proper operating condition in a fraction of the time required by other companies.

Fleet Cleaning - Edmonton & Area

Our crews work around the clock to maintain Edmonton’s busiest companies and we want to work with you.

Clubroot Cleaning & Control - Edmonton & Area

We understand the importance of ensuring your vehicles are cleaned top to bottom, preventing costly fines or reprimand shutdowns.

Grease Bin – Redux Bin Cleaning - Edmonton & Area

Capitals technicians know the right tricks and detergent surfactants to get rid of the smell and build-up caused by operating a fast-food establishment.

OUR CORE VALUES Giving you piece of mind...


Safety is the most important of our core values. It is our top priority.


Safety is the most important of our core values. It is our top priority.


Capital’s commitment to green cleaning and sustainability is long-standing.


We have operated with an unwavering commitment to honesty and integrity.

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